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Financial Benefits of New Construction

With the real estate market booming right now, people are finding their homes to be more important than ever. Right now, many people are looking to buy new homes, but low inventory is driving up costs, creating a seller’s market. This leaves many having to compromise on the home they envision to obtain a piece of real estate that’s less than ideal. At Lipka Home Builders, we make the home of your dreams possible at an affordable price. Building a new home in a seller’s market means getting more for your money, and there are numerous other benefits as well.

1) No Remodeling Costs: The average home renovation cost is around $45,000 and many people spend much more. These remodeling costs often cannot be factored into your mortgage, which means any changes you want to make to your newly purchased home will require a substantial out of pocket investment. Building a new home means that you don’t have to add on renovation costs. Many lenders offer products that allow you to pay for the cost of building a new home, such as a construction-to-permanent loan, to help alleviate the pressure.

2)Less Maintenance: It’s no surprise that older homes require more maintenance, as obsolescence and deterioration are inevitable over time. You won’t have to worry about a setting foundation or replacing electrical wiring when you buy new construction. With Lipka Home Builders you can rest assured your home is built to meet the highest modern standards of safety and durability.

3)Lower Electric Bill: Our increased environmental awareness as a society has led to many great changes in how we power, heat and cool our homes. Better insulation, windows and HVAC systems means it takes less energy to keep our homes comfortable today than just a decade ago. Texas even offers tax incentives for making energy-efficient adjustments to your home.

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